Strangely Beautiful

“In photography, Kalifadani is a passionate hobbyist who persistently took pictures using analog cameras, expired films, and experiments in any kind of techniques. He sometime travels with two or three different cameras preloaded with different kind of films to capture whatever interest him during the journey. He would choose different camera and specific films to achieve certain result he expected.

From that serious consideration, we can see that although he plays with ‘toy’ cameras, he’s not toying around. Still in his nature of juxtaposition, the result of his photos will be a mix of unexpected combination of colors, shape, and ideas. At other times when he use red scale films, what you see at the printed photos is actually inverted: that tree at the right side that you see, is actually standing at the left side at the real life. Once again, things are unlike what it seems.” – Mira Asrinigtyas, curator.

Strangely Beautiful Exhibitioon
“Traveling Through the Eyes of a Solitary Walker”
April 22 – May 8, 2012 at Lir Space